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US Election

Our Journey

The Ballot Project has registered and pre-registered thousands of people to vote across many states. Take a look at some of the projects we have done to achieve this goal below:



Flyers in Los Angeles

We posted flyers with QR codes linking to the register to vote website around neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We recruited over 50 teenagers in total to help post these flyers and worked with over 60 businesses and restaurants to post their flyers on their storefronts. Find out more about the specific areas our flyers were in and more about this project by clicking the button below.


Art Competition

To increase student participation and awareness in politics, we hosted an art competition on social media to pick a new design for our flyers. We reached out to many art programs in Southern California and received amazing submissions from talented students from all over the country. Our winner was Julia Fink from Los Angeles. For this round of flyers, our QR code linked to a "Pledge to Vote" form on our website. 



Campaigning in Georgia

To get out the vote for the Georgia senate runoff elections, we trained volunteers around Georgia. In addition, we gave talks to college students teaching them about the candidates and the voting process.


Other States

After appearing on national television, we gained a tremendous amount of emails from people around the country. We decided to capitalize on this inflow of recognization, and started working with volunteers in 14 states to get people registered to vote and aware of general politics throughout the United States.

Image by Joey Csunyo


Pre-Registration Drive

We focused our efforts on pre-registering 16 and 17-year-old Californians to vote, meaning that they will be automatically eligible to vote when they turn 18. We have held pre-registration drives at multiple schools across Los Angeles and will continue to do so throughout the Fall and Winter.

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