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American voter turnout is relatively low compared to other developed nations. We aim to change that. Our project is to raise awareness for this issue and to get more people to register to vote. The Ballot Project was started by three highschool students: Nikka Makhani, Eitan Prins-Trachtenberg, and Hannah Taheri. Nikka and Hannah have experience campaigning for politicians and working to increase voter turnout, while Eitan has experience with web and graphic design, increasing awareness, and social media management. All reside in Los Angeles, California. This idea originally came out of a competition to come up with a way to get people to vote. Use our hashtag #ballotproject to raise awareness and get more people to use their voice!

Our Mission

The Ballot Project seeks to raise awareness for the issues surrounding voter turnout in America and to get more people to register and cast their vote. We are a nonpartisan group, believing everyone should vote no matter which candidates they support. To learn more about how we are accomplishing this goal, check out Our Impact.

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